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Request a 3D MODEL


How requesting a 3D model works


Once we get to your request, we'll shoot you an email to touch base and get more details. 


Generally, 3D models will range from ten to one hundred dollars in our store; however, before we begin, we'll give you a quote.  


A non-refundable deposit of ten dollars (USD) is required to start the project. 


Once we notify you regarding completion, we'll also include a promotional request credit code that will allow you to deduct the deposit amount. All promotional credit codes must be applied within thirty days of notice or otherwise be permanently expired.


We reserve the right to refuse service on unacceptable third party items or requests that outweigh our production timeframes. 

3D Model Preferences

All 3D model requests are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Every request must be for items that are not legally bound to third-party owners. For example, an unacceptable request would be; I want an Ironman helmet, iPhone 11, or Adidas shoe. Acceptable requests would be; I would like a mech helmet,  smartphone, sports shoes similar to high-tops.

Thanks, we'll be in touch!

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