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Being able to produce production-quality work has taken me over a decade. Those who know me well, know I have worked against all the odds to achieve what seemed to be impossible, and overcame substantial challenges to arrive where I am today.


I've invested everything I have into a belief that I could one day positively impact the world with my work. 


However, nowadays, companies often hire 3D artists like me as independent contractors on a per-project basis. While this works well for many companies to help them save costs, it puts a strain on thriving artists since we are left to cover the high prices for production tools such as hardware and software.


If you like the work you see and would like to make a big difference, please consider donating to support Shaun Dunn Art.


Your charity will be used to keep the 3D magic going strong in our community, with Shaun Dunn Art moving on into the horizon as your committed devotee of the 3D arts. 


At this time, we have chosen to use PayPal as a preferred partner for donations. 


PayPal offers a safe, secure, and flexible donation platform that we trust, with options like; 


  • One-time donation

  • Make a custom donation amount

  • Monthly donations

  • Donate anonymously

  • Donate and include your own personal note


If you opt for a monthly donation, you have complete control to cancel at any time using your PayPal account.


We appreciate your support and want to thank you for your patronage to Shaun Dunn Art!

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