My objective is to create 3D art that evokes a touching memory in the hearts of people. I aim to inspire happiness, spirit, and story in many while producing a lasting and positive response. In the end, I intend to collaborate with others who share a similar vision to create extraordinary art. 

Shaun Dunn


About Shaun

Turning Dreams into Reality

Born in Portland Oregon into a family of artists, my father, a skilled tradesman who owned a shop refurbishing beautiful antique furniture, and mother, an Italian-American with a flair for style and design, born to Italian immigrants. 


As a small boy, I worked alongside my father learning facets of art, design, and exceptional artistry, very quickly taking on projects of my own. 


Later in my life, I took a trip to my grandmother’s village in northern Italy, opening a greater interest in art and design. I felt inspired, absorbing history and artistry that was found abundantly throughout my travels. 


Upon my return, I enrolled in an undergraduate program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a focus of Industrial Design. 


Translating my skillset from traditional to digital mediums came naturally and proved successful, as I learned graphic design, concept design, and 3D modeling.


Near the end of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program, it became clear that though, I enjoyed certain aspects of Industrial Design, I held a stronger interest in visual effects.


Shortly after completing my undergraduate degree, I decided to follow my curiosity and pursue a career as a 3D artist in the visual effects industry, so I enrolled in a Master of Fine Arts program.


Since then, I’ve picked up new skill sets, application knowledge, personal techniques, and a raw curiosity that drives me on a daily basis. The most important thing I’ve gained has been a genuine passion for what I do.

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